Running with the devil

This blog has been dormant for quite some time. But I would like to take this oppertunity to promote a special site that has stolen my heart over the last couple of weeks. It is a tool for learning that runs... Read more»

PS for .NET devs part 5: Extending Visual Studio using StudioShell

In a previous post I showed how to extract all targets defined in a given MSBuild file. Wouldn't it be great if the execution of those targets could be... Read more»

PS for .NET devs part 4: Source digging

The kind of adhoc scripting you can do with PowerShell lends it's self very well for getting an overview of the code-base you find yourself in. When you find yourself in a project or you're just interested... Read more»

PS for .NET devs part 3: List Targets in your MSBuild file

The project I'm currently working on, started more than five years ago and has quite a large MSBuild file to perform all the build automation for the project. A while back I found myself struggling to remember the name... Read more»

PS for .NET devs part 2: Comparing the PowerShell language to C#

In my previous posts in this series I discussed why you should care about PowerShell and I pointed to some resources to help you Read more»

PS for .NET devs part 1: Getting started with PowerShell

After getting everybody warmed to the idea of learning PowerShell in part 0 of this series. Let's dig into a... Read more»

PS for .NET devs part 0: PowerShell what is it and why should I care?

Being a big PowerShell fan but not seeing many fellow developers around me use it, I thought PowerShell could use some promotion among .NET developers. This inspired me to start a series... Read more»

Quick Powershell tip concerning Out-String and Send-MailMessage

Recently I wrote a script at work to generate a report about the load on a set of servers. The gathered statistics were mailed around everything nice and dandy. But after a few weeks something strange happened the body of the mail... Read more»

Adding Comments

In my last post I hinted that the next feature to be implemented was a comments facility. Searching through the web I found two options Disqus and IntenseDebate. Browsing through their respective sites, I liked... Read more»

Combining Jekyll, Haml and Sass with GitHub Pages

Using Git introduced me to the wonderful services of GitHub. One of the many great features of GitHub is something known as GitHub Pages. To quote the GitHub Pages intro:

... Read more»

NL FP day 2011

Last Friday I attended the Nederlandse Functioneel Programmeren dag. The program showed a wide variety of short (20 min.) talks. This appeared to be a nice low barrier of entry opportunity to see what's currently hot in the... Read more»