Adding Comments

In my last post I hinted that the next feature to be implemented was a comments facility. Searching through the web I found two options Disqus and IntenseDebate. Browsing through their respective sites, I liked Disqus better. Judging by a few comparisons I found here and here, and the fact that gitready uses Disqus. Disqus scored best in my comparison. Their registration process also was a lot less labor intensive. Adding the code to the site was also trivial. Being a bit overly purist I decided to translate the code snippet provided by Disqus to Haml. Which results in the following:

This snippet can also be found in the Git repository from which this blog is generated, here to be exact. Now that the basic infrastructure is in place. It is probably time for some real content. Until next time.

Wed 19 Jan 2011